38 Studios’ Copernicus could be a losing battle

Creative Industries’ Terrence Masson talks to The Boston Globe about the fate of 38 Studios’ ambitious video game.

38 Studios’ Copernicus could be a losing battle

By Hiawatha Bray and Michael B. Farrell, The Boston Globe

Veteran video game designer Aubrey Hodges says the best work he ever did was for 38 Studios LLC’s Project Copernicus, Curt Schilling’s ambitious effort to develop the next blockbuster game. “It looked stunning. It sounded great. That’s the heartbreak,” said Hodges, a former audio director at 38 Studios.

Now, with the company all but shut down, Hodges hopes his work will somehow survive. “When you have something that amazing, you want people to share in it,” he said.

The fate of Copernicus remains uncertain as Schilling tries to save his company, looking for potential investors who could rescue it from financial ruin. If he can’t revive 38 Studios, the best hope for Copernicus is for the unfinished game to be sold to another company, analysts say.