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Architecture in an age of global change

Dean Xavier Costa

Architecture in an age of global change

by Karlee Stewart, CAMD ’12

Founding Dean Costa invites you to join him in Boston on June 6 for presentations and a roundtable discussion with distinguished industry leaders about how architecture can initiate and guide change and strengthen its practice. Information about the event can be found here.

College of Arts, Media and Design Founding Dean, Xavier Costa, is advancing Northeastern University’s global outreach to Barcelona, Spain where he will co-chair the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) International Conference. This year’s conference centers around “change” from the different perspectives of the conference’s subthemes: civic engagement, academia, practice, technology, cities, globalization and sustainability.

Dean Costa, a world-renowned architect, scholar and leader in architectural education, believes that “the architectural profession, industry and education are experiencing profound change. From the perspective of schools and education, we cannot ignore these great transformations. In fact, academia should be able to intellectually lead and participate in the new phase of architecture, bringing its own point of view, research and knowledge. That’s a position that relates to Northeastern’s School of Architecture’s point of view in education; we want to be as engaged as possible with our society.

The conference offers the opportunity to meet and interact with local architects, giving attendees the chance to really take in the city and everything it has to offer with first-hand experiences. Experiences, Dean Costa says, that make Barcelona a special and important place for architecture. “For the past 30 years, Barcelona has become one of the main urban laboratories, where new ideas for architectural and urban design have been tested and implemented. Barcelona is an environment that is respectful of history and tradition, but at the same time is very boldly implementing new proposals. In that sense the experience in Barcelona is quite special and very interesting for architects.”

“As a Dean at Northeastern I have the chance to determine the contents of such an important event because it’s an opportunity to take our concerns and our goals here at the university to a much larger scale, getting feedback from the event and bringing it back to our school. This is an important step for Northeastern and I’m very happy to be a part of the event in this capacity.”

The conference, to be held on June 20 to 23, allows Dean Costa to visit his hometown, where he began his career. Martha Thorne, a prominent architect and formerly Associate Curator for the Department of Architecture at The Art Institute of Chicago, will co-chair the conference.

Students, faculty and anyone interested in architecture and urban design are also invited to come to Barcelona later in June to participate in the ACSA conference. Discounted student access to the conference will be provided.