LUMEN 2012

LUMEN, a video and performance Art Festival set within the working waterfront of Staten Island, held by the Council of the Arts and Humanities of Staten Island (COAHSI) featured the works of over fifty artists and was attended by 3000 for the one night event. Landing Studio, the architecture and planning firm founded by Assistant Professor Dan Adams and Lecturer Marie Law Adams, designed light installations and salt landscapes that served as the backdrop, screens and medium for many of the artists work, and worked with the Atlantic Salt dock operators to design the transformation of a working industrial landscape used for the transshipment of salt from ships into a festival landscape.

The salt dock is most busy during the winter months providing road salt to the region.   During the warm months the industrial uses of the dock become more dormant, allowing for such partnerships with COAHSI and other organizations to bring other programming and uses into the industrial landscape–a plural infrastructure. The dock operators of Atlantic Salt sculpted the salt landscapes to define spaces for artists, shipping containers were borrowed from a nearby container terminal to house specific installations, and security lighting was retrofitted with color gels and metal stencils to create theatrical event lighting.