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For CBS intern, a chance in the hot seat

Young Kim

Sit­ting at the anchor’s desk on the set of the CBSEvening News, North­eastern Uni­ver­sity third-​​year stu­dent Young Kim intro­duced a report focusing on gay col­lege ath­letes. He deliv­ered the intro­duc­tion con­fi­dently, but after he com­pleted the seg­ment the mag­ni­tude of the expe­ri­ence truly sank in.

“I don’t think my mind reg­is­tered where I actu­ally was until I was walking out of the studio and I saw my hand shaking,” said Kim, a jour­nalism and media and screen studies (for­merly cinema studies) com­bined major who is now on co-​​op with CBS News in New York. “I was a lot more excited to be there than I thought I’d be.”

His seg­ment high­lighted sev­eral col­lege ath­letes, many of whom are feeling increas­ingly com­fort­able coming out to their teammates—something no male major league ath­lete has done while com­peting for an Amer­ican base­ball, hockey, foot­ball or bas­ket­ball team.

The expe­ri­ence was part of a project through the CBS intern pro­gram. In addi­tion to their day-​​to-​​day duties working for the network’s broad­cast mar­keting depart­ment, CBS interns like Kim are assem­bled into teams of six or seven for the oppor­tu­nity to spend one week col­lec­tively reporting a news story.

“We got to focus on filming, writing and pro­ducing one story as a team,” said Kim, who served as his group’s anchor and pho­tog­ra­pher. The story was screened on Wednesday night at an event for this summer’s CBS interns.

The bulk of Kim’s work has been for the news division’s broad­cast mar­keting depart­ment, which pro­duces promos for upcoming pro­grams. Kim, for his part, coor­di­nates between the pro­ducers of national pro­grams and local affil­i­ates and cuts teasers for upcoming shows.

“We’re in the con­trol room working with the pro­ducers and the news director, keeping in touch with what’s going on and what’s devel­oping throughout the day,” he said.

Kim got his start in TV jour­nalism on co-​​op last year, when he worked for the local CBS affil­iate in his home­town of Denver helping out with inves­tiga­tive reports and doc­u­men­tary programming.

He hopes to return there after grad­u­a­tion but also knows that he doesn’t need to be reporting from a bustling news­room or TV studio to pro­duce good stories.

“I’d like to be able to be a back­pack jour­nalist, trav­eling around with a camera, laptop and any­thing else I might need,” Kim said. “I like to film, I like to edit, I like to be on camera—it’s a great fit for me.”

Featured photo cour­tesy of CBS News.