Journalism grad reports on future of Gillette Stadium

It’s hard to imagine a day when the New England Patriots, who have sold out every home game since 1994 and have 60,000 fans on a paid waiting list for season tickets, would have trouble filling Gillette Stadium. But team executives are spending a lot of time thinking about that possibility, even as the clock ticks down to Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

“If we want people to still come to our stadium and find it worth the money, we have to figure out how we give an experience that’s different than the experience at home and give you all the comforts of home,” Patriots president Jonathan Kraft said this week during a technology summit at Gillette, where he was the keynote speaker.

Though the Patriots stand one win away from their seventh Super Bowl berth under his family’s ownership, Kraft said a winning history isn’t enough to guarantee future profits. Without ever-better stadium technology, he said, “Live venue viewing at this scale is really going to be put at risk.”

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