10 Must-See Posts from the #iwantCAMD Photo Hunt

Thanks to everyone who made the #iwantCAMD Photo Hunt awesome!

And. The. Winners. Are…. Sarah U, CAMDid Camera, CAMD Crush Saga, Creative Awesome Majestic Derps, and #eyeCAMD! You’ll be hearing from us today about claiming your gift cards and candy.

In the meantime:

10 Must-See Posts from the #iwantCAMD Photo Hunt

1. Free coffee loaded onto Husky Cards? Yes, plz! Via Sarah U (Challenge 3)

2. Team CAMDid Camera giving Foster the People a run for their money (Challenge 21)…

…and composing music on TYPEWRITERS! (Challenge 20)

3. Team CAMD Crush Saga is definitely ready for Architectural Digest (Challenge 8)

4. Team Creative Awesome Majestic Derps found the art studio in a rare moment of emptiness and orderliness (Challenge 11)

5. Digital Media Commons looking snazzy via Sarah U (Challenge 6)

6. 3D printing and Team Creative Awesome Majestic Derps FTW (Challenge 10)

7. Team #eyeCAMD gets the singer-songwriter milieu just right (Challenge 21)

8. Reading the news. Like a boss. Via Team CAMD Crush Saga (Challenge 17)

9. Drama! AND… scene. Team CAMDid Camera knows how to tug at the heartstrings (Challenge 23)

10. Team CAMD Crush Saga shares the spirit of CAMD (Challenge 12)

To see a list of the challenges, visit the #iwantCAMD Photo Hunt event page and enjoy all the fun posts from CAMD teams using the hashtag #iwantCAMD on Twitter and Instagram. KIT with CAMD on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.