Join a conversation about CAMD’s strategic plan

We invite CAMD students and faculty to meet with the committee charged with implementing the college’s Strategic Plan, which includes soliciting input and gathering information about several options for the structure of our college. We hope you will join the conversation on Monday, October 21 and Thursday, October 24. If you are not able to attend in person, we welcome you to send your comments to We will also post the minutes of the meetings on this page.

Prior to these conversations, please take a moment to review the Strategic Plan for the college and additional documents and resources below. We are looking forward to a robust and productive dialogue!

Conversations with Students

Monday, October 21
CSC 440
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Thursday, October 24
CSC 346

Conversations with Faculty

Monday, October 21
CSC 440
Read the meeting minutes →

Thursday, October 24
CSC 346

Conversation with Staff

Wednesday, October 30
RY 102

Additional Material for Reference

More about the committee charged with implementing the college’s strategic vision:

The committee is composed of a representative of each academic unit in the college, an undergraduate and a graduate student from CAMD, plus a senior faculty representative from another college.

An email from Founding Dean Costa to students about the strategic vision and the structure of the college sent on Thursday, October 17:

Dear CAMD students,

Last year, the College of Arts, Media and Design developed a strategic vision that identifies interdisciplinarity as a core strength of teaching and research within the College. To realize this vision, the faculty and academic leaders of the college have begun working towards CAMD-wide degree programs, hiring joint faculty between CAMD units, and developing a common CAMD Core Curriculum that will better prepare students across the college for the fast-changing professional worlds in which you will make your way after graduation.

The structure of the college will play a critical role in our efforts to nurture a collaborative intellectual and pedagogical community. The present college units were in place before the creation of CAMD. They also pre-date the emergence of digital media, computer-mediated design, and other developments that have transformed the disciplines in which we work. With this in mind, it is an appropriate time to explore more systematically whether the current organization of the CAMD academic units best serves the interests of our students and faculty. One of the greatest strengths Northeastern has as a university is that we are in tune with the world. Our organizational structures should always be designed in a way that best provides our students with preparation for the world that they will enter—and lead—when they graduate.

I have therefore charged a committee of faculty and students, with a representative from each academic unit in CAMD, to solicit input and information on the advantages and disadvantages of three possible configurations for the organizational structure of the College:

1. Organizing the units in CAMD into a college as a confederation of disciplinary groups (along the lines of the D’Amore McKim School of Business);

2. Reorganizing CAMD into four disciplinary units/schools, with two new units formed by combining Music with Theatre in one unit and Journalism with Communication Studies in another; or

3. Retaining the current structure of units within the College.

The committee invites your input. You’ll be receiving information shortly about open discussion forums in which you can participate. You may also email the committee at

I look forward to hearing your perspectives on the future of our college.

Xavier Costa