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CAMD Playlist – Stoop Kid Sessions

Each week, a CAMD student, faculty, staff member, or alum curates a playlist around the theme of their choice. Enjoy more CAMD Playlists and learn how to submit your own on the CAMD website.

Stoop Kid Sessions by Quinn Slattery

Let’s get to know Quinn Slattery: A transfer sophomore pursuing a Music Industry degree at CAMD, Quinn enjoys scouring the Internet and Boston music scene for up-and-coming artists, running, reading, and freaking out over pictures of pugs online. He is an avid Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, is still lamenting the loss of Walter White, and is trying to start reading more books. This playlist was first played on his weekly radio show on WRBB, The Stoop Kid Sessions, which airs on Mondays at 12pm. Tune in and enjoy!