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CAMD Playlist – Next Year

Each week, a CAMD student, faculty, staff member, or alum curates a playlist around the theme of their choice. Enjoy more CAMD Playlists and learn how to submit your own on the CAMD website.

Next Year by Gabi Valladares

“Hi there, my name is Gabi Valladares and I am a recent (2013) alumna from CAMD. Though I graduated from Northeastern University, I didn’t go far; I actually now work in the Center for Student Involvement. My (long-winded) official title is the ‘Coordinator of Social Media Marketing and Virtual Engagement’ – I manage our blog, social media channels, and branding/marketing materials. It’s a pretty sweet gig.

Outside of CSI (nifty acronym, right?), I blog on Kneadle + Bread and tweet, pin, and instagram from @gabivalladares. Oh! And I’m also the creative director for the soon-to-be BOS Lady Project, an Etsy shop owner, and an advisor to NU’s Sigma Kappa chapter. I guess you can say I keep myself busy.

Finally, the playlist! Fall is, hands-down, my favorite season. Basically, I merge together fall and winter every year (I know, I know, it’s not the same – whatever). I typically associate the cold weather with a new beginning, though I definitely do not rush my way through the winter festivities. This time around, my fall/winter playlist is all about refreshing sounds, catchy lyrics, and upbeat tempos. Enjoy!”