Jordan Beckvonpeccoz sends a postcard from Boston

We met Jordan Beckvonpeccoz during CAMD’s collaboration with Snell Library on the digital exhibition #fallingforboston. A graphic design major in the Art + Design program, Jordan has spent the past six months on co-op working on a wide range of design projects for the library. We asked her to tell us about her experience and share some of the highlights from her placement.

Tell us about your placement.

I’m the graphic designer in the Communications and Events Department at Snell Library, so I’m in charge of every piece of design work that came out of the library for the past six months. This includes things like the annual year in review, digital and physical signage for the first floor, and any and all posters, table tents, or Instagram design pieces.

What are you learning?

Everything, honestly. Because I get to be the lead designer (really, only designer), I own a project from start to finish. It’s taught me not only new techniques in graphic designer programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign), but also how to manage several projects at once and work toward a deadline without letting anything go. Plus, there’s a lot of opportunity to experiment, have fun, and try new things, so I’ve made design pieces that look like comic covers and that have shiny 3D text. It’s great!


What are some of your favorite projects that you worked on?

All of the projects have been really interesting, but I think my top choices would have to be:

1. Resource Postcards 
This was one of my early projects – creating postcards highlighting different library resources in nine different content areas.

2. The Year in Review!
Creating the library’s annual review was a long, hard process, but integrating my own personal design vision with the needs of the brochure was really fun and challenging, and I learned SO much doing it. I’m really proud of the final result.

3. Meet the Author Posters
They were a great chance to get a little illustrative and creative with formatting since they had to cover such a wide range of media. I had a lot of fun with those.


What academic experiences prepared you for this placement?

I think having to work to such tight deadlines in all my classes really helped prepare me for the pace of this job. Obviously the technical skills I learned in classes (how to set type, how to lay out a brochure, etc…) helped, but more than that it was the rigorous deadlines and high degree of accountability that really let me flourish here.

How has this placement affected your plans for the future

I know now that I like this kind of environment and that I like having creative control and direction of projects. Maybe not all of them next time – I like working in groups with people who I can bounce ideas off of – but I’m definitely thinking that for my next co-op, I’d like to work for a small company where I could have some creative freedom and not just fill templates with pre-determined text. As for next semester, I’ll be back in classes full time.

What’s the most fun/interesting/unique thing you’ve done/experienced on your placement?

My coworkers are ridiculous and wonderful! We go out to lunch and have Halloween parties and sometimes hold dance parties in the office, particularly on Fridays after a long week. The most fun part has been ALL of it because I had such a good time every day I was working here.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m so sad to leave!!