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Elie Low sends a postcard from NYC

Third-year Department of Music student Elie Lamazerolles recently completed a co-op at Island Def Jam Music Group (Universal Music Group). Below, Elie shares highlights from his placement, including a series of fantastic photos he took during the many concerts he attended for work.


Elie Lamazerolles (but people call me Elie Low)


Brussels, Belgium


3rd year (out of four)


Music Industry Major and Music Recording Minor

Co-op Placement

Island Def Jam Music Group (Universal Music Group)

Co-op City

New York City

Tell us a little about your placement.

I’m an intern in the A&R Department. A&R (or “Artist and Repertoire”) is the division of a record label company that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists. It also acts as a liaison between artists and the record label. Every activity involving artists to the point of album release is generally considered under the purview of and responsibility of the A&R Dept. I work directly under the President of Island Records.

My co-op has two main jobs. The first one is working under the A&R that is in charge of all the research, stats, numbers, etc… What that means is that I do a lot of research, including finding unsigned artists. My second job is working under the President of Island Records, helping his assistant with whatever he needs.

What are you learning?

I’m learning how the business side of the music industry operates and functions. I gained perspective on the constant changes within this industry that happen on a daily basis, and how to adapt and succeed given these changes.

What academic experiences helped prepare you for this placement?

Most of my Music Industry major classes did a good job preparing me. Additionally, my background in music and entertainment provided me with a solid knowledge of how the music industry functions and how to survive within it. Working as a DJ across Europe for the past eight years has taught me about the performance side of the industry, but this coop has exposed me to a whole other side that I wasn’t very aware of – it really inspired me.

How has this placement affected your plans for the future?

This experience has only furthered my desire to work in the music industry. I have learned what skills and traits are necessary to excel in the industry, and I would like to be a part of that environment. My co-op has only enhanced my previous desire to work within the music industry.

What’s the most fun/interesting/unique thing you’ve done/experienced in New York?

Being able to go to countless shows, usually as a VIP, and meeting and working with many artists.

Some of the artists I met/worked with during my stay here include Paul McCartney, The Mowgli’s, Scooter Braun, Avicii, Kiesza, Da Internz, KAPTN, Blink 182, Afrojack, Nile Rogers, Good Charlotte, Moby, Fall Out Boy…

And here is a selection of photos that gives a sense of my experience: