Konvergence brings new music to Cambridge

There’s enough contemporary music activity in Boston that it can be hard to keep track of the home-grown ensembles. Even so, it’s worth taking note of a new-music group that will shortly slip into town.

The Lilypad, in Inman Square, will host the first full-length concert by Konvergence, a collective of young Czech composers. According to Tomáš Pálka, one of its cofounders, the group was formed in 2002 by composition students at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Its aim was “to bring to Czech podiums new ideas of musical thinking, new pieces by Czech composers, or foreign composers who were never performed” in the Czech Republic, he wrote in an e-mail.

“We wanted to bring new experiences after the eternal carousels of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and all the Romantic-era [composers] which were, and unfortunately still are, dominant on Czech podiums.” That directive included not only new compositions by its members but also works from mid-to-late-20th-century composers — Xenakis, Ligeti, Messiaen, among others — that were still unfamiliar there.

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