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Northeastern sweeps HubSpot playoffs

Aaron Tenbuuren, Sophie Greenspan, & Stephanie Lee

Three young whippersnappers claimed victory in the HubSpot/Dribbble Analog Playoff earlier this month. Community Manager Samuel Fine noticed a connection: All three attend Boston’s Northeastern University.

During an Analog Playoff, meetup organizers give attendees paper and pencil, a theme and a time limit. For the mid-January meet up at their Cambridge (Massachusetts) headquarters, three of HubSpot’s designers created a giant whiteboard cityscape. Portions of a similar mural were reproduced on paper for a Playoff; designers had 20 minutes to augment the skyline.

Recent Northeastern graduate, current lecturer and soon-to-be Intrepid designer Aaron Tenbuuren took the pink for his design “Finishing the City,” featuring a King-Kong-sized designer (Aaron?) sketching skyscrapers. Senior Sophie Greenspan, majoring in graphic design, filled the sky with a lovely hand-lettered “Boston.” Graphic design and interactive media major Stephanie Lee went international, adding famous landmarks from other cities.

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