#CAMD Photos of the Week

Each week, we share our favorite Instagram and Twitter pics tagged with #CAMD. If you’d like to see your behind-the-scenes photos of life on campus, co-op, or study abroad featured here, just tag them. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to participate.

From art-making to fundraising, CAMD students have been busy with a number of fun and compelling projects. Check out a selection of their photos from the past week and click through to learn more about what they’re working on. Many thanks to @sophieverdespan, @zfox23, @ebiewald, @chelssto, @marupb, @northeastern, @theartcollaborative, @samsaggese, @xwenwensabrinax, @edddlo, @loitruong2412, and @NUTheatre for sharing their work!

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