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All over the map

For some, experiential learning is a pathway to a future career or creative inspiration. For others, it’s a chance to venture outside their comfort zone and get their hands on something new. But for all CAMD students who pursued global experiential opportunities in 2013—from co-op to study abroad to Dialogue of Civilizations programs—it was a way to find confidence in their futures and embrace a spirit of adventure.

All over the map

The map above shows everywhere CAMD students learned in 2013 and profiles three co-op experiences had by Journalism student Anthony Gulizia, Theatre student Jacqueline Lasry, and Architecture student Ryan Gagnebin.

Anthony Gulizia

Anthony Gulizia

The Boston Globe
Boston, MA

When the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals faced off in Game 1 of the 2013 World Series at Fenway Park, Anthony Gulizia, AMD’14, was there – though not as an anxious spectator. Instead, the senior journalism major was wrapping up a hectic day of writing and reporting as a member of The Boston Globe’s coverage staff.

Gulizia, a Revere, Mass. native, first started writing for the Globe while on co-op in January 2011, and has since graduated from covering local high school basketball and football for the paper to reporting on pro sports throughout New England, including the Red Sox, Bruins, and New England Patriots.

The baseball playoffs and the tight deadlines they required yielded the richest experiences for Gulizia. Though it was a “chaotic experience,” Gulizia is well aware of and good humored about the impact it’s had on his personal and professional growth. “It’s all been part of the learning process for me.”

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Jacqueline Lasry


The Walk Disney Company
Madrid, Spain

A younger Jacqueline Lasry, AMD’14, might have told you there was no way she would ever be “stuck doing an office job.” But over the summer of 2013, she was doing just that…and loved it.

“It was as though I had just joined a tight-knit family that immediately integrated and trusted me,” theatre major Lasry said, describing her early impressions of the Walt Disney Corporation in Madrid, Spain. While on co-op there, she tackled everything from cataloguing every “Disney classic” from Snow White to Wreck-it Ralph (in both English and Spanish) to sound mixing the movie Planes.

“This co-op helped me see that even ‘office jobs’ offer infinite variety within the work.”

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Ryan Gagnebin


Shanghai, China

Architecture major Ryan Gagnebin, AMD’15, is clear about the value of his time spent on co-op in Shanghai, China.

“Of course, I learned a lot at work during my very first co-op working at ZEROLABOFFICE,” he said. “But most important to me is that I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of.”

Though the work was challenging, and culture shock abounded, Gagnebin took it all in stride. “When you have that experience halfway across the world there is no time to be scared, only time to adapt and grow,” he said.

But the real question: Would he do it all over again? “I would do it a hundred times over, but I don’t want to go back. That’s how you know you made the most of it: when the memories feel like yesterday, but you’re looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.”

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