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Back on campus

Our alumni return to Northeastern throughout the year to share their industry experience with students, reconnect with faculty, see how our campus has transformed—and maybe even grab a TKO from Chicken Lou’s. Here are six alumni who came back to campus in 2013 to speak with students about their time at Northeastern, their career paths, and lessons they’ve learned along the way.


As founder of Los Angeles-based Copious Management, Rick Callahan, AS’01, and his team represent photographers specializing in entertainment, advertising, editorial, and music assignments.


  • Find ways to merge your passion and your work
  • Networking is essential in any industry


Steve Cody, AS’77, is the co-founder and managing partner of Peppercomm, an award-winning public relations agency named New York City’s top workplace in 2012 by Crain’s New York Business.


  • Step outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself!
  • Try stand-up comedy–it builds confidence, professionalism, and public speaking skills
  • Look for nontraditional ways to solve problems and help clients


A filmmaker, writer, and photographer, James I. Gabbe, AS’66 is also the co-owner of New York-based gabbegroup, a public relations and marketing firm. In 2013, he and his wife created the James and Jill Gabbe “Creative Leader Scholarship” within CAMD to support undergraduates pursuing a creative endeavor in media, art, or design that will make a positive contribution to the greater community.


  • Follow what you love
  • Always remember the power of education, service, and your moral obligation to others


Leslie Marshall, AS’85, is a nationally syndicated talk-show host (The Leslie Marshall Show), television political pundit (Fox News), and blog columnist (US News & World Report and POLITIX).


  • Make the most of your early experiences–they can be more influential than you might think
  • Connections are incredibly important
  • Never burn bridges!
  • Be savvy about navigating the politics in your field


As the senior marketing manager of global customer references for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Erin Traudt, AS’01, is responsible for customer engagement on the global marketing team, creating customer references and videos for AWS users all over the world.


  • Build and maintain relationships throughout your career
  • Industries may seem huge, but the circles of people are really small
  • Being a hard worker who is trusted and dedicated goes a long way
  • Be willing to take a calculated risk


In his role as senior vice president of radio/video promotion at Republic Records (Universal Music), David Nathan, AS’92, works with artists including Taylor Swift, Florence + the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, and Enrique Iglesias.


  • Embrace change so you can grow with your industry
  • Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up

Planning a visit? Email Elana Thomas at e.thomas@neu.edu.