CAMD Playlist – Dinoczar + CAMD

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Dinoczar + CAMD by Paul Dunne and Aaron Swartz

Next up in our playlist partnership with Northeastern’s student-run record label Green Line Records, members of the band Dinoczar share music that has inspired their work. Read on for their reflections and playlist, and check out their music at and on Facebook.

This playlist is the most concise list of music that has influenced us. Some of the songs are by bands we’ve seen live, bands that made us want to play our own shows. Some are by bands that we bonded over as a mutual interest or by bands we introduced each other to. But they’re all great songs by (or covered by) great bands. We could probably write out a paragraph for each song and how it’s influenced us, but who has time for that when you can just listen.

Stay tuned for more playlists from Green Line Records artists in the coming weeks!