CAMD Playlist – Joey Lafyatis

Each week, a student, faculty, staff, or alum curates a playlist around the theme of their choice. Enjoy more CAMD Playlists and learn how to submit your own on the CAMD website.

CAMD Playlist by Joey Lafyatis

Starting this week, we’re kicking off a new playlist partnership with Green Line Records, Northeastern’s student-run record label. CAMD student and Green Line Records President Joey Lafyatis has this to say about his playlist:

My time at Green Line Records has taught me a lot of hard-learned lessons, too many to fit into one synopsis. Lessons about life, business, friendship, creativity, and much more. But throughout these trials by fire, one lesson has remained true: there are a lot of ways to get creative professionals mad at each other. In the industries represented at CAMD, where subjective art meets the need for objective business strategy, it’s almost too easy. And in the music industry, an easy way to start a heated argument is to open up discussion on the merit of the single versus the full-length album.

Now, I’ve always been an albums guy. Though I’ll listen to a good single on repeat for an hour or two, at the end of the day I love nothing more than immersing myself in an artist’s catalogue. I see the songs on an album as equal to themes in a classical piece: they can hold strong individual meaning but their context and transition has potential to inspire much more than the sum of its parts. As I write this, actually, I realize that a lot of Green Line Records volunteers will recognize similarities in how I approach my appreciation and my business leadership.

The majority of the playlist I share with you are songs collected from my favorite albums. Some are singles from those albums, some are just singles I appreciate. Some are title tracks and some are hidden gems I’ve found and loved. I hope they encourage you to dig a little deeper into these artists or other artists you like and to consider how you listen to music.

Stay tuned for more playlists from Green Line Records artists in the coming weeks!