CAMD Playlist – Carly Goldberg – CAMD

Each week, a student, faculty, staff, or alum curates a playlist around the theme of their choice. Next up:

Carly Goldberg – CAMD by Carly Goldberg

We’ll let Carly Goldberg, the head of event programming for Green Line Records, introduce herself and the next playlist in our partnership:

My name is Carly Goldberg and I’m a third year Communication Studies student with a Music Industry minor and I just finished my first co-op at the Wilbur Theatre. I’m the head of event programming at Green Line Records as well as the Events Director at WRBB here on campus. When I can, I photograph concerts – those pictures can be viewed on my Flickr. And you can read my bad jokes on Twitter at @carlygee.

I tried to think of how all of these songs fit together on this playlist – a common theme between them or how they all tie in to my life. I was just left with a headache. After pondering over a bowl of strawberries, I found out why each one of these songs means so much to me. As I go down this random list of my favorite songs, I can think of a moment where I screamed the lyrics at the top of my lungs with my friends. Whether it’s in a car… at a show… in a dorm room… on a deck… those moments mean more to me than I’d like to admit. One of the reasons that music is so important to me is because it has connected me to so many people that I love dearly. This playlist is for my friends – I hope that you will find a song on it that you’ll want to share with your friends to create your own moments.

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