Daily Reading Rituals That Will Make You More Productive

Associate Professor of Journalism Dan Kennedy shares his insights on the virtues of (selectively) reading every day.

What we do daily has a profound effect on our lives. A good daily reading ritual can keep you informed about the world and your industry. But if you’re a curious person with limited time, how can you make the most of the minutes you have?


You will never read everything. Dan Kennedy, associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University, notes that he tries to read The Boston Globe and The New York Times daily as part of teaching his students. But to get all the way through both, “I could easily spend an hour, and who can do that? I feel like I need to and yet I can’t.”

So don’t try. Instead, figure out roughly how much time you’re willing to devote daily to staying informed. If you’re not devoting any time, 15 minutes is a good start. But try tracking your time for a few days. You’ll probably find that you’re spending more than 15 minutes on random things. That time could be repurposed if you want.

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