A shift in the waterfront tower wars

George Thrush, Director of the School of Architecture, weighs in for the Boston Globe on potential development next to Harbor Towers, a luxury condominium complex next to the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and the changing landscape of Boston’s waterfront.

THE FOLKS who live in Harbor Towers have a serious image problem, and they know it. There is, after all, something absurd about a group of wealthy people who live in 40-story towers along the waterfront complaining loudly that somebody else wants to erect tall buildings next door.

So the people of that luxury condo association are shifting gears. Harbor Towers’ leadership now says it wants to take the debate over the future of Don Chiofaro’s hated Harbor Garage — an urban eyesore he proposes to replace with two towers that would rise between 550 and 600 feet — beyond a narrow fight over tall buildings. This, they say, should be about the best way to make that part of downtown work better for Boston as a whole.

It’s hard to know if they are sincere about that. But one way or another, they are setting up the final round in a development battle that has dragged on for years.

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