Admitted Students

Congratulations and welcome to CAMD!

I encourage you to reach out with any questions as you consider Northeastern University as your final destination this spring.  We have an incredible community here and I’d be happy to put you in touch with faculty, staff and current students, as well as direct you to some important resources on campus. 

You can reach me at 617.373.6927 or by email: In the meantime, I hope we can give you a sense of what the CAMD experience is all about, through our student voices here and on social media.  Join our Facebook and Instagram groups and connect with Jack Fuchs, a current co-op student who shares some advice below on campus life, the program and his transition from high school to NU.  

I can’t wait to welcome you to the CAMD community!

Jon Bernstein, Senior Director of College Enrollment Management

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Welcome to the Admitted Students Page! My name is Jack Terreri Fuchs, and I am a current student on co-op in the CAMD Dean’s office running this page! My goal is to create real, authentic content that prospective students can use to help them gain a true understanding of CAMD and its community. I’m a real student with real answers and useful information, so get excited and involved!

Jack Terreri Fuchs, Communication Studies & Media and Screen Studies Major

What I Learned from Freshman Year

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Packing List: The Stuff That Slipped Your Mind

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Move-In Day Advice

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