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Congratulations and welcome to CAMD!

I encourage you to reach out with any questions as you consider Northeastern University as your final destination this spring.  We have an incredible community here and I’d be happy to put you in touch with faculty, staff and current students, as well as direct you to some important resources on campus.

You can reach me at 617.373.6927 or by email: [email protected]. In the meantime, I hope we can give you a sense of what the CAMD experience is all about, through our student voices here and on social media. Join our Facebook group and connect with Lacie Foreht, current CAMD student to hear insight on academics, campus life, and his transition from high school to Northeastern.

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I can’t wait to welcome you to the CAMD community!

Jon Bernstein, Senior Director of College Enrollment Management


Our mission is to provide students with focused, intensive training in the disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture, and the tools to bring that expertise to bear on effective global engagement.

Art + Design

Our mission is to provide students with both an abiding conceptual framework and a mastery of practical skills in design and media art through engagement with emerging techniques and technologies—and a commitment to the highest level of craft.

Communication Studies

Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge, networks, and experiences they need to succeed in the dynamic, fast-paced economy of the Communication Century.


The School of Journalism places the ability to gather, investigate, analyze, and present information at the core of our curriculum. We emphasize reporting and writing skills in all undergraduate and graduate programs, offer courses that keep pace with the way news is delivered and consumed in today’s digital age, and develop co-op experiences that prepare students for success.


The Department of Music offers students a cross-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of music, underscored by real-world experiential learning, cutting­-edge technology, and a wide-angle focus on music’s impact on cultures throughout the globe.


Our mission is to provide a transformative education that aligns performance and production with academic inquiry and professional experience as we engage our global society through the living art of ” unsan=”“]theatre.[/sta_anchor]

Faces of CAMD

Discover the many unique voices that make up our (CAMD) community

Ashley Wong

Business Marketing with a Graphic Design Minor

My favorite thing to do in Boston is walk down Newbury Street!

Gloria Mobolaji

Architecture Studies

I am very excited about documenting the Afro-Diasporic visual language and using said language to create and/or enhance spaces that feel like a home for people who are victims of generational displacement.

Pranita Lokinendi

Interaction Design

When I was a sophomore, I was the runner up in the University's Holiday Card Design Contest. They put my design on the side of a recycling bin in the Snell Quad, and it was really cool to see people pass by my artwork everyday!

Shantavia Craigg

Marketing and Supply Chain with a Global Fashion Studies Minor

My favorite CAMD memory was the Cuba Photography Dialogue. It really was a once in a lifetime chance to genuinely interact with locals my age and race which is an experience most tourists nor students abroad get to do.

Carla McDonough


I love aimlessly wandering around Boston with close friends, particularly when we somehow find ourselves at the Brattle Book Shop or Bova's Bakery in the North End.

Madison Xagoraris

Communication Studies and Media and Screen Studies

I chose Northeastern because of the diverse student body. Through welcome events, I met my closest friends who all come from different countries and experiences. In classes, I continue to meet students from all around the world who bring unique contributions to the classroom.

Rachel Erwin


I was surprised with how many opportunities there are for research even within the theatre department. Theatre is not normally associated with academic research, but here at Northeastern the limits are boundless.

Ellie Johnson

BFA in Design

I could spend hours in the MFA. I love wandering around and taking in the exhibits, and it’s close enough to campus that I can stop by anytime (for free).

Samantha Carleton

Pharmacy with an Art Minor

I love remembering the early days of my pharmacy curriculum back when I had abundant room for electives. Naturally, I enrolled in five different art electives within my freshman year! I lived in the Bouvé LLC, and I'll never forget the looks on the faces of my peers as I spent my time in the common rooms working on paintings instead of math homework and sculptures instead of research papers! I'll always be grateful for the fact that I chose a university that could support all of my endeavors, creative or otherwise.

Spencer Webb

Physics and Music Technology

I'm releasing my first musical project onto all streaming platforms! Excited to be putting myself out there - it's called Vanabout and my artist name is Glissando.

Sarah Garey

Communication Studies

While abroad, taught me that travel changes our mindsets and motivations and exposes us to a diversity of talent and a diversity of thought.

Victoria Verrecchia

Communication Studies and Graphic and Information Design

My most valuable take away from co-op was learning how to design in a creative and unique way while also sticking to brand guidelines. I learned to approach design as more of an experience than just something someone sees. It forced me to make more deliberate and purposeful design decisions.

Jamie Camera

Computer Science and Game Development

I love making games at Game Jams! I have a strong passion for making video games, and I love the opportunity the lab gives me!

Leah Novelli


I'm a part of Spark, Northeastern's contemporary art collective, and we're in the process of becoming an official club! We're hoping to get our Student Art Sales department up and running soon so we can help Northeastern artists get their work into the community!

Celine Yan

Computer Science and Design

The integration of CAMD design courses in my combined major kickstarted a huge personal career transition—I initially envisioned Software Engineering as my ideal career, but taking courses in Experience Design and Interaction Design shifted my interests towards a Product Design role. It was taking these design opportunities and my professors that I was able to land amazing design co-ops and internships at Zipcar, Drift, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Arun Venugopal

Physics and Music Composition and Technology

I am launching a non-profit that will connect American musicians of South Asian descent. It’s called the Desi-American Music Network, or DAMN. The goal is to promote and support the growing community of artists, and provide a platform for mainstream recognition.

Sarah Lamodi

Media and Screen Studies and English

I listen to a lot of music so it's a little difficult to narrow it down, but some of my current favorites are Buddy Holly, Julia Jacklin, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Sidney Gish. Some of my all-time favorite artists are Car Seat Headrest, Twin Peaks, Travis Scott, and Destroy Boys.

Sarah Gordon

English and Graphic and Information Design

I was pleasantly surprised by how strong close-knit the CAMD community is, and how many fun events and organizations we have! It’s like being part of a small art school even at a huge university.

Gabi Homonoff

Graphic Design

Co-op taught me that whether you're at a company for six months or six years, you can do real work and make an impact. Even though I was less experienced than the rest of the team, I was treated with just as much respect and value for my work.

Meghan D'Arcy

Business and Design

I think what surprised me the most about CAMD is how integrated and applicable the classes are to other disciplines outside of the college. As a combined major, I have been able to apply what I learn in my design classes to many other fields and find a unique perspective that allows me to make meaningful contributions.

Kelsey Powers

Mechanical Engineering with a Theatre Minor

I got to work for my dream company, Walt Disney Imagineering, and was reassured that my strange combination of engineering and design was in fact valued and needed within the entertainment industry!

Alexandre Choueiry

Music Industry

I'm working on an album, and I love making music with like-minded individuals from different backgrounds. My experience in a recording class changed my life. It paved the way for a career.

Brenda Velez

Media and Screen Studies

All experiences, including those that may seem distant from where you see yourself in the near future, are lifelong lessons that you take with you in any industry. While I found myself aspiring to enter a world of marketing or advertising, my co-ops allowed me to find a hidden passion for writing and working within the legal industry. I was able to take what I learned from my previous experiences and incorporate those skills in another team. Strong work ethic can be fostered in any setting.

Jennifer Seabolt

Communication Studies

My most valuable take away from co-op was after I completed my second co-op at iRobot where I did Global Social Media Marketing. This position really affirmed that this is the field I want to enter after I graduate, which was really assuaged a lot of the stress that I felt regarding post Northeastern. I also took away the fact that I was ready to excel in whatever company or position I put my mind to because I gained so many valuable professional skills while on co-op.

Nicole Kraemer

Communication Studies and Media and Screen Studies

I was most surprised with how tight knit the CAMD community is. I felt so welcomed by the faculty, staff, and students when I got here even as a kid that was really hesitant about her major. The overwhelming support helped me figure out where I was meant to be. I continue to feel supported in anything I do or want to pursue whether it's in classes, co-op search, or in general life.

Gretchen Elder

Communication Studies

I was surprised by how many of my interests I got to pursue in CAMD. Throughout my time at NU, I've taken classes in photography, communications, law, vocal performance, and fashion. Each of these are quite different, but I've been able to explore them all!

Christian Gomez

Communication Studies and Business Administration

I am working as the Photo Director for Northeastern University's Student Athletics Magazine, “The Red and Black.” I love what I do: taking pictures of our huskies in action, meeting other photographers within the community, and contributing to a magazine that tells amazing stories.

Jullian Nazzaro

Biology with an Art Minor

I was a TA in a dialogue to Japan! I had the privilege of working with a seriously talented group of students and faculty. I am so grateful for the adventures we went on, the challenges that were presented, and most importantly, the relationships that were fostered during our time abroad.

Nathan Caldwell

Communication Studies

I’m working on an independent study documentary about changing neighborhoods in Boston, specifically the now defunct Combat Zone by downtown crossing.

Emily Cullitan

Graphic Design

I run a food account (@whatemeats_) where I post recipes that I make, meal prep ideas, and step-by-step videos.

Marcella Kukulka

Communication Studies and Music Industry

I recently finished a Capstone project on the concept of separating art from artistry in the era of #MeToo in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

Josephine Brennan

Communication Studies and Political Science

CAMD has helped me find bridges to connect my multidisciplinary interests inside and outside of the classroom. Being a part of the communications department has helped me connect my loves for policy, research, and healthcare. Now I know there is a career path out there where I don’t have to give up any part of myself, and where I can make a substantial difference.

Yasmeen Masri

Interaction Design

In the club SCOUT, we are planning and designing the brand of our 3rd annual design conference at NU. In another club, C4C, we are designing, prototyping, and testing software for two non-profits in Boston!

Sarah Chou

Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology with an Interaction Design Minor

Going on Dialogue to Vienna, Austria to do screen printing and creative coding was a defining moment in my Northeastern experience. I met so many new friends and also found new passions for different art mediums. It was also my first time in Europe, and I loved it!

Ryan Lewis

Graphic Design

I'm always amazed by the ability of classes in CAMD to be applicable beyond the classroom. The skills taught in them help students understand the world around them as it is designed, so that they can better design the world of the future.

Natalie Barnes

Marketing and Design

I love Sofar Sounds! They are intimate gigs in secret locations where up-and-coming artists perform. Sofar has introduced me to so many amazing people and places in Boston and is by far my favorite thing to do in the city.

Ariana Matos

Communication Studies

CAMD has allowed me to become the interdisciplinary student that I am today. Through study abroad, co-op, classes, and connections that I have made in and out of CAMD, I can identify what my passions are and how I was able to turn them into a future profession after graduation.

Anelise Allen

Communication Studies

I transferred to Northeastern this past fall, and it has completely changed my college experience. It's really impactful to see professors who are truly dedicated to their profession and educate their students on how to become competent communicators who analyze situations with a multi-faceted approach. I am looking forward to my next few years at Northeastern and am excited to see what NU has in store!

Donovan Griffin

Media and Screen Studies

I've been passionate about film ever since I can remember. I am currently working on editing a music video that I directed for another CAMD student! Also, co-op gave me the work experience I needed to verify my desire to pursue filmmaking as a career.

Aslanta Chen


For my directed study last semester, I designed a board game about Chinese hot pot and Asian culture. I loved the project so much that I decided to keep working on it after the class was over. I'm now working to publish this game within the next two years!

Ritika Iyer


My bullet journal (a make as you go planner system) is a project that I am working on outside of my academics. I enjoy creatively organizing my schedule and practicing calligraphy.

Amaan Shahpurwala

Interaction Design

One thing that really surprised me was how friendly and supportive the CAMD staff is. They really have your best interests at heart, and they want you to succeed!

Katrina Gunara

Business Administration Entrepreneurship and Communication Studies

The community and faculty at CAMD have been a welcoming group of people that have shaped my Northeastern experience. Surrounded by fellow creatives, intellectuals, and leaders, I take away valuable knowledge, relationships, and fond memories as I graduate this semester.

Andrea Guariguata

Music Industry

I collaborated on an amazing project with some students from the songwriting department, recording class, and mixing and mastering class. I was given the opportunity to record in the studio with my violin and add a new musical touch to the song.