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Home Work: Contemporary Housing Delivery Systems

03 April 2010
20 West Village F – Main Campus – Northeastern University

Prof. Ivan Rupnik, MARCH, MAUP

This one day curated discussion will examine current housing delivery systems in North America through three panels:

Panel 1: Disciplinary Roles, Public Perceptions, Industry Regulations

– Peter Christensen, the co-curator of MoMA’s Home Delivery show, will discuss the  roles that architects have played in the transformation of housing delivery systems during the early and mid twentieth century as well as the recent renewal in housing delivery.

– Karrie Jacobs, the founding editor of Dwell and the author of The Perfect $100000 House : A Trip across America and Back in Pursuit of a Place to Call Home , will discuss the changing public perception and growing acceptance of manufactured and prefabricated housing

–  Matthew Little, Principal of Utile Inc., will discuss the nature of the manufactured and mobile home industry as well as the laws that regulate those industries.

Panel 2 Housing Delivery Case Studies:

– Joe Tanney, principal of Resolution 4 Architecture, will present his work in this field, with particular focus on the designs developed using the firm’s concept of the Modern Modular.

– Mark Johnson, the founder of Hometta, will present that company’s approach to housing delivery, finding the “sweet spot between custom, architect-designed houses and mass-market builder housing.”

– Sarah Jazmine of Boston based Blu Homes, will present Blu’s strategy for delivering “eco-friendly” homes.

– Peter Wiederspahn will present his e3Co system, a prefabricated panel system developed in a university environment through partnerships with industry.

Panel 3 Delivering Futures – Sustainability and Regional Planning :

– The final panel will include a general discussion on the potential restructuring of home delivery systems according to sustainability criteria and regional planning methods. In addition to panelists from the first two sessions, this panel will include Allan Fung, Mayor of Cranston, RI, Kiel Moe, Northeastern Professor, David Wax of Free Green, and Peter Roth. It will be moderated by George Thrush.

The discussions will be followed by a reception.

The four housing delivery case studies will be exhibited through drawings and full scale mockups in the lobby of 20 West Village F throughout the weekend of the event.