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Urban Landscape

The Urban Landscape major at the School of Architecture reflects a growing public interest in making our cities more sustainable, and in bringing the insights of landscape architects to join those of urban designers and architects. This hybrid field has deep roots in design, ecology, planning and aesthetics, and in the past 15 years has come to play an ever more important role in the design of new places, as well as the retrofitting of our older, post-industrial landscapes. An inherently interdisciplinary program, Urban Landscape will involve collaborations with other academic units on campus.

Students entering the School of Architecture now can avail themselves of this new major. In addition, architecture majors have the option to minor in Urban Landscape Studies, as can students from other disciplines. There is even an option for a half-major, which can be paired with another half-major from another field, allowing students to craft their educational experience.

The program at Northeastern is has an urban focus and promotes interdisciplinary learning. Students will participate in the coop program and have the opportunity to study in Boston, a home to many internationally recognized works of landscape architecture.

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