Student Profile: Nicole Fichera

Senior Nicole Fichera has been consistently involved both inside and outside of the architecture program. In addition to helping plan events and fundraisers with AIAS, she volunteers at many open houses to share her experience and answer questions for new students and their parents. Nicole sings in groups both at Northeastern and outside of school, and works for her family’s business.

Nicole currently works for Hacin + Associates, an award-winning local firm. She started as a co-op in May 2008, and has stayed ever since, working on everything from construction administration for large-scale commercial housing, to millwork drawings for custom retail furniture, to styling for architectural photoshoots. In addition, she has done all of the graphic design and production for a wide range of marketing materials, as well as installations of custom graphic artwork. Nicole was featured in Boston Magazine last fall as part of the project team for the Boston Concept Home.

“Studying architecture has sharpened my ability to address problems critically, and to use constraints to find opportunities when designing any solution, from buildings to postcards. But I think the biggest lesson has been the importance of effective communication: having the facility to be able to get your ideas across with your hands, your words, your drawings, your voice, and to be able to translate your message to any audience, from clients to teachers to co-workers to contractors.”