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Mardges Bacon

Mardges Bacon is Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Architecture at Northeastern. She is the author of Le Corbusier in America: Travels in the Land of the Timid (MIT Press, 2001) and Ernest Flagg: Beaux-Arts Architect and Urban Reformer (MIT Press, 1986). She is also the editor and author of an introduction to ‘Symbolic Essence’ and Other Writings on Modern Architecture and American Culture by William H. Jordy (Temple Hoyne Buell Center and Yale University Press, 2005).  Recent publications include an essay on the role of the vernacular in the formation of American modernism and a review essay on Le Corbusier’s book production. She serves on the editorial board of Massilia, an international journal of Le Corbusier studies and also on the Scientific Committee of Environment, Land, Society: Architectonics, an international journal of interdisciplinary studies.

Mardges Bacon has been the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and grants from the Graham and Whiting foundations.

At Northeastern she teaches the 19th and 20th century history of architecture and urbanism courses.


Mardges Bacon’s research focuses on the history of modern architecture and urbanism in a transatlantic context. She recently explored the emergence of the urban core in the work of Josep Lluis Sert in the article “Josep Lluís Sert’s Evolving Concept of the Urban Core: Between Corbusian Form and Mumfordian Social Practice,” in Eric Mumford and Hashim Sarkis, eds., Josep Lluís Sert: The Architect of Urban Design, 1953-1969 (Yale University Press, 2008).
She also presented a lecture on “John McAndrew, the Van Ingen Library and Harvard Modernnism” at Vassar College.

She is currently working on an article about Le Corbusier, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and postwar American productivity.

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