Featured Students

Olivia Cook

Olivia is a first year student in architecture. Recruited for athletics, she was a member of Northeastern University’s Women’s Swim Team. When asked how she chose a major, Olivia recalls her father jokingly suggested architecture. However, thinking of her love for art, she decided architecture was right for her. And after a visit to Northeastern, her decision was made. While Olivia attended a small 150-student school in Alberta, Canada that specialized in sports, she was in no way intimidated by the size of Northeastern.

Currently enrolled in four classes and the lecture, “Architecture at Northeastern,” she is kept very busy. Her studio, Fundamental Representation, teaches first year students the basic tools of model building, computer drafting, and diagramming through analysis and design. The first project of the semester required students to visit the Carpenter Center at Harvard, designed by Le Corbusier. Olivia and her classmates subsequently produced models and diagrams illustrating the architectural principles of the famous building. In the third segment of her studio, Olivia was asked again to do field research and visit two paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts. Her analysis of these paintings will play a critical role in the design of her final project, titled “Museum Stair.”

In her coming years at Northeastern, Olivia is looking forward to both co-op and the semester abroad in Berlin, Germany. From co-op she hopes to gain meaningful work experience, as well as learn to apply skills learned in her coursework toward tangible design challenges.