Symposium: Resilient Coastal Leisure Environments

March 13 + 14, 2013
Over the last year, a team of researchers in Portugal, Croatia and Boston have been considering how future tourism development might better be leveraged to create more resilient coastal environments, using the Algarve and Dalmatia as comparative case studies. This project, titled Estudo Comparativo para a Reabilitação Urbana PT_HR Algarve-Dalmácia [Comparative Study of Urban Rehabilitation Strategies in the Algarve, Portugal and Dalmatia, Croatia], has been further investigated through a year-long graduate research studio at Northeastern University entitled Resilient Coastal Leisure Environments. The studio has been conducted in collaboration with the EUVG School of Architecture in Coimbra, Portugal. The entire project has been financially supported by MSF/Neocivil as part of a European Union research program.
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The Northeastern University School of Architecture will host a one day symposium which will include professionals, scholars and graduate students working on issues related to this project. This symposium will utilize a series of contemporary projects in various stages of completion to frame broader issues of tourism development and urban resilience. These discussions will be recorded and published as part of a publication on this topic in 2014. Anyone interested in attending the panels should contact the conference coordinator, Prof. Ivan Rupnik,
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Conference coordinators: Ivan Rupnik and Ricardo Camacho

Moderators: Ivan Rupnik, Ricardo Camacho, Michael Kubo

Panelists: Dan Adams, Marie Law Adams, Jane Amidon, Iva Bahunek, Paulo Martins Barata, Sasa Begovic, Tatjana Grozdanic Begovic, Zvonimir Busic, Nuno Fonseca, Damir Gamulin Gamba, Helena Paver Njiric, Ricardo Tome, Frano Violich

Graduate student participants: Megan Cusack, Duran Fernandez-O’Brien, Daniel Forcier, Brett Hanson, Brad Pierce, Christopher Slater, Alvin Sun, Michael Waring, Jessica Wilcock, Alysoun Wright

Panelist Bios (PDF)

Symposium Text(PDF)