Annual Student Awards Reception

(L-R) Daniel Chen, Jackson Plumlee, George Thrush, Carly Krotowski, Harley Hutker

Early in April, the School of Architecture held its annual Annual Student Awards Reception at Middlesex in Cambridge. Each year, awards are given to students in each class for the highest GPA earned and for Design Excellence. The Design Excellence awards are selected by the studio faculty. Award recipients received a certificate and architecture monograph chosen by the faculty.

We had a great turnout at this year’s reception and congratulate all the recipients.

2013 GPA/Design Awards

Class of 2013 M.ARCH

GPA: Melissa Murphy (4.0)

Design:  Jessica Wilcock

Class of 2013 BS

GPA: Erica Garfinkel (3.843)

Design: Jose Latorre and Shawn Bolanos (tie for Comp studio team, as

voted by faculty)

Class of 2014 BS

GPA: Lama Bitar (3.829)

Design: Benjamin Greer

Class of 2015 BS

GPA: Ryan Gagnebin (3.913)

Design: Edward Kim

Class of 2016 BS

GPA: Mary Harly Hutker (3.915)

Design: Carly Krotowski (Architecture)

Design: Jackson Plumlee (Urban Landscape)

Class of 2017 BS

GPA: Daniel Chen (4.0)

Design: Mindi Chen


Photography by Lizzie Flanagan