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Making micro apartments more livable

Recent graduates Chris Marciano, Mark Munroe and Ryan Matthew are taking their studio work out into the real world to address issues of housing availability, affordability and the viability of the “Micro Apartment.” The work they did as part of their senior studio at the School of Architecture was recently featured in The Atlantic Cities web site and the Boston Globe.

Micro apartments could be a creative solution to the issue of affordable city living for young, single professionals who want to have the urban experience but often can’t afford the high cost of living in some of our larger, denser cities. Small scale, contained apartments would provide alternatives to living with lots of roommates or having a long commute. These small-scale units do come with issues and one big one is how to use common space effectively to allow all residents to have opportunity to expand their living areas occasionally.

Marciano, Munroe and Matthew all see the potential advantages but also are aware of historic precedents where designs like there have gone wrong. They feel the best plan for micro housing would be part of a larger, mixed-income, mixed use structure.

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