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Boston undergoing new building boom

Boston’s architecture and development scene is stronger than it has been in years as the pent-up demand of the past five years is exploding. New developments abound. And the unique challenges of building at a 21st century scale in a historic city are ever present. We see tall buildings proposed for small parcels in fine grain historic urban fabric, and the innovative ways in which these challenges are faced.

For our students, all of this new urban development means expanded co-op employment opportunities, and a chance to experience the city at yet another critical point in its ongoing transformation. And the market-driven nature of most of this development (as contrasted with the massive investment in our regional non-profit museum infrastructurein recent years means that we are seeing the evolution of office buildings, rental apartment buildings, hotels, condominiums, and hybrids. Northeastern students regularly investigate opportunities for innovation in these building types in the graduate research studio.

For more on the Boston building boom, see the recent Boston Globe story about the future of the skyscraper in town.