Chelsea’s building revival

Source: The Boston Globe

After decades of struggle, Chelsea, MA is beginning to capitalize on it’s proximity to Boston as developments start popping up around the city.

Chelsea has long been a suffering industrial city – development has been scarce, the city’s finances have been mismanaged, and crime has been a large problem for the current residents. But, because of Chelsea’s close proximity to Boston and a newly fueled interest in development by the City Council, developers are starting to find their way to the growing city and create a variety of more desirable apartment buildings, shopping centers, and residential communities.

School of Architecture faculty Dan Adams is leading the design of a public park at 201 Marginal Street. The project, known as Rock Chapel Marine is the re-configuration, upgrade, and expansion of a salt port located in Boston Harbor. The design aims to be a first of its kind integrated landscape of active maritime industrial operations and public waterfront recreation space. Landing Studio, the firm founded by Professor Adams and Marie Law Adams, also on the faculty, focuses on architecture and industrial infrastructure and landscapes.

While its reputation will take a while to mend, Chelsea’s finances are back on the right track and other organizations are taking an interest in cleaning Chelsea up – the Environmental Protection Agency just started a 3.1 million dollar cleanup of a contaminated site off Route 1 that will become a Holiday Inn. The Silver line may be extended into the city, and construction of a multi-story residential complex called One North of Boston is underway that will include a yoga studio, outdoor pool, and fire pit.

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