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Announcing a new undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies


The School of Architecture now offers a BS in Architectural Studies for students who want a flexible degree that allows them to engage some of the most pressing and interesting subjects related to design and the built environment today. This new degree builds on the core curriculum of the studio program to give student a strong foundation in both the practice and theory of architecture. However, for those students who want to have a less prescriptive experience, the new degree will offer 3 tracks in which to explore various relevant and evolving aspects of the profession.

The tracks are:

Sustainability is a major issue facing designers in today’s built environment and is also one of the major research topics here at the university. This track exposes students to specific issues and how to think critically about incorporating sustainable design into the field of architecture.

Business & Design Thinking
For those students interested in the financial aspects of the built environment or pursuing a career in real estate development, this track provides students exposure to the important issues related to the business aspect of design and architecture.

Culture & Criticism
For students who are passionate about architecture from a more critical perspective have the opportunity to develop their verbal and visual skills in the Culture & Criticism track. This track focuses on the critical issues in design culture, both contemporary and historical. This course of study offers good preparation for students who may wish to seek a Masters degree in architecture, architectural history or historic preservation.

Student will participate in one six-month coop and will still have the option to participate in the School of Architecture’s Berlin Program.
This degree is open to students in the Class of 2018 and beyond.

For more information, contact Professor Amanda Reeser Lawrence.