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New Equipment in Ruggles Studio + at the Digital Media Studio

This summer, the School of Architecture was able to upgrade 100 studio chairs to the Herman Miller Caper Multipurpose Chair. These durable chairs will be easier to clean and maintain and have a 12-year warranty. We were very happy to replace some of the older chairs that have been damaged or broken over the years. It is our goal to systematically upgrade the chairs over the coming years. The current one hundred chairs have been allocated to the upper level studios at this time.  If you are in first or second year, please be patient. You will eventually graduate to a Herman Miller chair as well. Also new this fall, we were able to replace 2 of the 3 color laser printers in the print room. The models are faster and have greater color accuracy. This upgrade was a direct result of the new Husky printing model. The Digital Media Commons (DMC) now has 3-D printing available to students as well as access to color laser printers. The School of Architecture has arranged for Rhino 5 to be installed on the PC computers in the DMC for use by our students. All students have access to through the library. This web site offers extensive tutorials for a wide range of software, including Revet, Adobe, AutoCAD and more. You can long in here. (Insert link here).