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M.Arch 1-year program has a new simplified application process!

For students of our program who graduate with a B.S in Architecture, entry into the plus-one M.Arch Program has been streamlined to make the process easier and more accessible. In the past, it was necessary for our seniors to complete the full graduate application to gain entry into the plus-one program. This was both time consuming and redundant since those students were already know to the application committee.

Moving forward, the process will be limited to seniors filling out a change of status form. This form, declaring their intent to continue into the M.Arch program, will be all that is needed for application. As long as a student is in good academic standing, he or she will be able to transition into the 1-year graduate program.

If a student decides to take time off between completing the B.S. degree and enrolling in the M.Arch program, he or she will then have to complete the online application.

Applications and change of status forms are due on February 1 for September admission.

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