reGEN BOSTON International Competition: Energizing Urban Living

The Boston Society of Architecture’s Emerging Professional Network and the Housing Committee is sponsoring a Student/ Emerging Professional Competition focusing on innovative housing typologies that respond to the 21st century needs of the city of Boston. Entrants into the competition are encouraged to consider how to rethink traditional housing types as a way to promote community living, sustained urban-life cycles, family urban housing, affordability, and sustainable growth.

Sites are on the East Boston waterfront and on Sargents Wharf in the North End. The East Boston site is formerly the location of a bulk petroleum storage facility. Community goals are to restore this as a wildlife habitat and let the natural wetlands return. The BRA wants to fill it in to prepare for site development. The North End site is the only undeveloped parcel among the wharves on the waterfront. It currently serves a parking lot. What are the potential ideas and the appropriate balance you can bring to the future of these sites?

The competition winners will have the opportunity to receive wide exposure at ABX, the BSA trade show and to exhibit at the BSA Space and have the chance to win up to $2000 in prize money.

Visit the website to get submission details. You must register by October 1st and submit materials by October 18th.