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Co-op Appreciation Reception 2013

On December 3, 2013, the School of Architecture hosted its Annual Co-op Appreciation Reception at the Boston Society of Architects. Each year, the School reaches out to co-op employers near and far to include them in this event as a way of saying thanks to all the many people who help our students in their academic journey.

Students in our program enroll in 2 six-month co-ops during their studies and in that time get exposure to the professional world of architecture and landscape architecture. The value of co-op is multi-faceted and students cite not only the professional experience they acquire but also the personal relationships they forge.

As Co-op Coordinator Lynn Burke notes, “Building and maintaining relationships with employers is a critical part of our success in the School Architecture.  Once a year we want to give a special thank you to employers that play a critical role in the educational process that enables students to integrate skills learned in the classroom in a real life environment.”

The event also allows Lynn to connect with employers in a less formal setting while still getting feedback about what employer are looking for in prospective student employees and how the current placements are going.

Graduate student Blake Coren came to the event to catch up with her former employer and coworkers from Fennick McCredie Architecture. She noted how much she enjoyed working there and how important maintaining her relationships with the people she met there mattered to her. “I really valued my experience working for Fennick McCredie Architecture and was lucky enough to be able to make lasting connections with my coworkers. The Co-op Appreciation event was a nice chance to reconnect with them and catch up on all the exciting things that have happened since I left.”

Co-op brings value to our students but it also provides value to employers. They get to mentor young people who bring enthusiasm to their work and who have been trained to address real world issues architects must deal with on a daily basis.