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New Course in Chinese Architecture

Professor Shuishan Yu will introduce a new course on traditional Chinese architecture this fall. This course is open to architecture students as well as to students across the university.

ARCH 2310/Chinese Architecture 1 is an in-depth introduction to the historical development of traditional Chinese architecture, garden, and city planning up to the 19th century. This course emphasizes how the Chinese tradition of the built environment has been created through cultural exchange, ideological engagement, technological transformation, and interactions among different forms of artistic creation.

Professor Yu’s research focuses on Chinese architecture, modern architecture and its theoretical discourse, and Buddhist architecture in East Asia. His recent book Chang’an Avenue and the Modernization of Chinese Architecture is published by the University of Washington Press. He has also published articles, book chapters, and exhibition catalogs and presented conference papers on the city and architecture of Beijing, Tibetan Buddhist architecture, Chinese literati art, and modern architectural historiography.

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