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Resilient Leisure Coastal Environment Research Studio engages in real-world planning abroad

Last week, Ivan Rupnik and his graduate students have just returned from a series of successful presentations and workshops help in multiple locations throughout the island of Hvar in Croatia. This work is a continuation of a multi-year research project examining urban rehabilitation in crisis-ridden southern Europe.

Students have examined how to leverage tourism development to generate more resilient leisure coastal environments. During the course of the week, students worked closely with the municipality of Jelsa, meeting with the mayor, the heads of public works and urban planning as well as local entrepreneurs and journalists.

The local community’s positive reception of the scope and depth of the students’ research was only matched by the students’ realization of the potential agency of their current design work.  During their time spent in Croatia, the activities of this Graduate Research Studio were featured in local, national and international press outlets.

For information of the community response:

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For information on the research:

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The final design work will be reviewed by the mayor of Jelsa, Niksa Peronja as well leading architects from Croatia and Portugal.