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Urban Landscape Program takes the Highline and meets with its designer: James Corner of Field Operations

Urban Landscape Students on the High Line in New York City.

The revitalization of The High Line, built in the 1930s as part of a massive elevated railroad infrastructure to lift and remove dangerous freight from public harm and abandoned since 1980, represents the innovative and interdisciplinary nature of landscape architecture, and the synthesis of landscape, design, urbanism, and infrastructure. Landscape architects are strategically positioned to leverage the opening of these post-industrial landscapes, such as the High line, to the deployment of a new breed of urbanism –one that is characterized by the re-use and regeneration of urban decay via ecological frameworks in addition to contemporary modes of research, representation, data visualization, and design.

(Photo Credit: Samuel Packer)

Recently, our Urban Landscape students attended a presentation by Associate Megan Born at the landscape architecture firm James Corner Field Operations, the firm that designed the High Line.  A wide range of projects including the High Line was discussed. Projects ranged in scale and scope, from new cities like QianHai Water City of the megalopolis region of Shenzhen, to the Seattle Central Waterfront, and from Freshkills Landfill/NY to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park/London.