Professor Lawrence discusses Philip Johnson in Architectural Theory Review Journal

Claude Nicholas Ledoux, House of Education, 1773–1779. (From Architecture de C.N. Ledoux: premier volume, contenant des plans, élévations, coupes, vues perspectives . . . : collection qui rassemble tous les genres de bâtiments employés dans l’ordre social. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton Architectural Press: Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library of Colombia University, 1983, plate 220.)

Assistant Professor Amanda Reeser Lawrence has published an article in the peer-reviewed journal Architectural Theory Review.

Grounding Mies and Floating Ledoux: Aberrant Decoding in Two Projects by Philip Johnson” looks closely at two of Philip Johnson’s projects that are seeming “copies” of earlier buildings but which are in fact, she argues, creative and disruptive misreadings of the past.


Johnson/Burgee Architects and Morris-Aubry Architects, School of Architecture,
University of Houston, 1983–1986. (Photograph by Masoud Poshtiban, UH Architecture Visual Resources.)