Students in the Design & Culture Track learn about the unique ways in which architects and designers frame problems and propose solutions and how this related to culture more broadly. Students learn key principles of design thinking, including a detailed understanding of the “designer’s toolkit” and its application in other disciplines. Students learn to think critically about architecture, design, and culture; to ask questions and develop their own perspectives on the production of architecture and design; and to apply design thinking in different scenarios and situations. This program prepares students for the increasing number of careers that utilized design thinking and innovation principles, as well as with cultural institutions or media outlets. Graduates of this track have many options for further graduate study; including a Master of Architecture degree or other graduate degrees related to Design, Media, or Cultural studies.

Course Sequence Sheets
(124 Credits + 4 credits from summer, transfer or AP)

2021, Design + Culture Curriculum

2020, Design + Culture Curriculum

2019, Design and Culture Curriculum

2018, Design and Culture Curriculum



Fall 1
ARCH 1000: Architecture at Northeastern
ARCH 1110: Fundamental Representation
ARCH 1310: Architecture and Global Cultures, Prehistory to 1400
MATH1241: Calculus
ENGW1111: College Writing 
Spring 1
ARCH 1120: Fundamental Design
ARCH 1320: Architecture and Global Cultures, 1400 to 1800
PHYS 1141: Physics
EEAM 2000: Professional Development for Co-op
General Elective or Core


Fall 2
ARCH 2130: Site, Space & Program
ARCH 2330: Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1800 to 1910
ARCH 1450: Understanding Design
General Elective or Core

Spring 2
ARCH  2340: Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1910 to 1980
ARCH 2360: Design Thinking & Architecture
Major Elective for chosen track (non-ARCH)
General Elective or Core

Summer after Year 2:
Optional 4-month co-op


Fall 3
ARCH2170:  Urban Research Studio
ARCH 2260: Introduction to Building Systems
ENGW3314: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines
(or ENGW3315)
Major Elective in ARCH or General Elective or Core

Spring 3
CO-OP (6-month)


Fall 4 – Study Abroad
ARCH 3155: Studio Abroad
ARCH 3361: Architecture & Urbanism Abroad
ARCH 3362: Seminar Abroad
German Language


Fall 4 – In Boston
ARCH 3170: Architecture, Infrastructure and the City
Major Elective in ARCH
Major Elective in ARCH
General Elective or Core

Spring 4
Advanced Course in Track: Choose one of the following:
ARCH 5320: Applications of Architectural Design Methods
Major Elective (non-ARCH)
General Elective or Core
General Elective or Core

Major Elective in ARCH options:
ARCH 3370: Topics in Architectural History (Spring/Fall)
ARCH 3450: Advanced Architectural Communication  (Spring/Summer)
ARCH 5310: Design Tactics and Operations(Spring/Fall)

Major Electives (non-ARCH):
ARTH 2210 Modern Art and Design History
ARTH 2211 Contemporary Art and Design History
ARTH 5100 Contemporary Art Theory & Criticism
ARTH 5200 Issues in Contemporary Art
ARTH 5300 Postmodernism Theory and Practice
ARTH 5400 Contemporary Visual Culture
LARC 2330 Cities, Landscape, and Modern Culture (Fall)
LARC 2340 Cities, Landscape and Contemporary Culture (Spring)



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