Students in the Sustainability Track learn about the issues and practices of architectural design as it relates to natural systems; they explore building technologies and systems, design principles, and key historical and theoretical texts. This program prepares students for careers related to sustainability in the built environment: for example, working with the LEED process in building design, in environmental policy with government or non-governmental organizations, or within the business realm by greening operations or developing new products or services. Graduates of this track have many options for further study at the graduate level including the increasing number of Master of Sustainable Design programs around country, or Northeastern’s own Masters of Science in Sustainable Building Systems.

Course Sequence Charts
(124 Credits + 4 credits from summer, transfer or AP)

2021, Sustainability Curriculum

2020, Sustainability Curriculum

2019, Sustainability Curriculum

2018, Sustainability Curriculum



Fall 1
ARCH 1000: Architecture at Northeastern
ARCH 1110: Fundamental Representation
ARCH 1310: Architecture and Global Cultures, Prehistory to 1400
MATH1241: Calculus
ENGW1111: College Writing


Spring 1

ARCH 1120: Fundamental Design
ARCH 1320: Architecture and Global Cultures, 1400 to 1800
PHYS 1141: Physics
EEAM 2000: Professional Development for Co-op

General Elective or Core



Fall 2
ARCH 2130: Site, Space & Program
ARCH 2330: Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1800 to 1910
ARCH 1450: Understanding Design
NU Core Art/Humanities


Spring 2
ARCH  2340: Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1910 to 1980
ARCH 2250: Introduction to Sustainable Design in Architecture
Major Elective for chosen track (non-ARCH)
General Elective or Core


Summer after Year 2

Optional 4-month co-op



Fall 3

ARCH2170:  Urban Research Studio
ARCH 2260: Introduction to Building Systems

ENGW3314: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines

(or ENGW3315)

Major Elective in ARCH or General Elective or Core


Spring 3
CO-OP (6-month)



Fall 4 – Study Abroad

ARCH 3155: Studio Abroad
ARCH 3361: Architecture & Urbanism Abroad
ARCH 3362: Seminar Abroad
GRMN 1101:German Language





 Fall 4 – In Boston

ARCH 3170: Architecture, Infrastructure and the City

ARCH 5210: Environmental Systems
Major Elective in ARCH or NON-ARCH
General Elective or Core



Fall 4 – Spring

Major Elective

General Elective or Core

General Elective or Core

General Elective or Core




Major Elective in ARCH options:
ARCH 3370: Topics in Architectural History (Spring/Fall)
ARCH 3450: Advanced Architectural Communication  (Spring/Summer)
ARCH 5310: Design Tactics and Operations (Spring/Fall)


Major Electives (non-ARCH):

ENVR 3200 Water Resources
ENVR 4515 Sustainable Development
LARC 2230: Site Materials and Methods

LARC 2240 Sustainable Site Construction + Detailing

LARC 2340 Cities, Landscape + Contemporary Culture

LARC 2440 Planting Design
CIVE 2334 Environmental Engineering (pre-req CHEM 1151)
CIVE 4566 Sustainable Transportation in US & Europe
CIVE 5270 Environmental Protection and Management
CIVE 5373 Transportation Planning and Engineering
CIVE 5376 Traffic Engineering
SBSY 5100 Sustainable Design and Tech in Construction

SBSY 5200 Sustainable Engineering Systems for Buildings

PHIL 1180 Environmental Ethics




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