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China Dialog Information Session


Come learn about the exciting new China Dialog, and enjoy some free pizza!

Students who participate in this Dialogue will be immersed in the colorful art world of China. They will be introduced to the various historical sites with great significance in the development of Chinese urbanism, architecture, and arts, be it in a city, a village, a temple, or a sacred mountain. They will study Chinese art and architecture first hand while exploring a variety of cultural and ethnic regions in China, developing a solid and comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture through the direct observation of its urban and artistic expressions.

Students will also participate in a cultural and professional dialogue with architects in Beijing and Shanghai, artists in Hangzhou, musicians in Nantong, and students from the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA), Peking University. Written work and group projects will compare China and the U.S. on topics of urbanization, architectural practice, artistic expressions, and historical preservation and interpretation.



Mon, Jan 13, 2014


228 Richards Hall