Symposium, webinar

Creative Syncretism: The early Architectural Works of Harry Weese

A Symposium Presented by Indiana University Center for Art and Design, Columbus Indiana.

As part of this symposium, there will be an online Forum + Webinar. The School of Architecture will be hosting the Forum + Webinar here on campus. You may also log in to the webinar remotely here:

This workshop in Columbus will celebrate Weese’s architecture and take place at the Indiana University Center for Art and Design (IUCA+D). Columbus provides the perfect venue for the workshop because this small Midwestern town contains a high concentration of Weese’s early works in close proximity to buildings by his teacher and mentor Eliel Saarinen and his son Eero. The formal workshop will convene with a keynote lecture by Robert Bruegmann. Additional presentations will follow, given by the director of IUCA+D, Kelly Wilson, Eric Sandweiss, urban and architectural historian,and several others. A plenary discussion panel will be moderated by Kelly Wilson. This panel will consist of the architects: Ben and Cynthia Weese, Marlon Blackwell, Frank Harmon, Julie Snow and Maryann Thompson. This symposium is intended to provide a critical review of initial research into the design analysis of Harry Weese’s architectural accomplishments.


Marlon Blackwell, FAIA
Bradley C. Brooks
Dr. Robert Bruegmann
Frank Harmon, FAIA
Julie Snow, FAIA
Eric Sandweiss
Maryann Thompson, FAIA
Cynthia Weese, FAIA
Ben Weese, FAIA


Sat, Apr 05, 2014

1:30 pm-4:30 pm


215 Shillman