Lecture: The Making of Fascist Milan

Raytheon Ampitheater, 6pm

Lucy Maulsby

Sharing material from her current book project, Lucy Maulsby will discuss the National Fascist Party’s effort to use architecture to define its presence and generate support for the regime in Milan through the design of party outposts, known as case del fascio. Located in neighborhoods throughout the city, these party centers provide a compelling opportunity to consider how the Fascist Party attempted to use architecture to manipulate the existing urban hierarchy and to reach a broad audience. Maulsby’s research on Milan, the industrial and commercial center of Italy and the birthplace of Fascism, departs from more established narratives of interwar Italian architecture, which favor the architectural and urban model of Rome. Her work thus raises new questions about the intersections between architecture and politics in interwar Italy.


Tue, Apr 01, 2008