Lecture: Urban Activism in Boston

Jackie Douglas (Livable Streets), Rosie Weinberg (SHIFTboston), Ivan Rupnik (Northeastern University)

Urban activism may be North America’s most distinct contribution to urban planning discourse and practice, particularly in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The city of Boston, one of America’s oldest cities, has been shaped by urban activism since the “crisis of Modernism” in the late 1960s. Rosie Weinberg of SHIFTboston and Jackie Douglas of Livable Streets will each present their respective organization’s approach, to urban activism in the city of Boston, followed by a response from Ivan Rupnik, Assistant Professor of Architectural Design.

LivableStreets Alliance is a non-profit organization that believes urban transportation has the power to make Metro Boston more connected — and more livable. We challenge people to think differently and to demand a system that balances transit, walking, and biking with automobiles. We promote safe, convenient, and affordable transportation for all users in urban Boston. Streets that are enjoyable to use will better support neighborhoods and business districts.

As the Director of LivableStreets, Jackie is responsible for all outreach programs and events as well as coordinating all communications and day-to-day operations management. Jackie graduated from Boston University with a self-designed major to study the forces that shape why people are the way they are, looking at factors such as their development, the policies that shape them, and the particular issues they face. She also spent a year studying abroad in the UK, Tanzania, India, New Zealand and Mexico through the International Honors Program ‘Rethinking Globalization’ program.

SHIFTboston’s mission is to promote the future of the urban environment. It pushes for new, exciting, innovative and environmentally responsible ideas to transform Boston into a more dynamic city; a city that is more attractive to investors, new businesses and young professionals. We gather people and ideas together through events and competitions; we inspire through blogs, editorial publicity, advertising and exhibitions; and we implement through promotion.

Rosie Weinberg graduated from the London School of Economics in 2003 with a degree in Environmental Policy with Economics and a strong interest in social and political change. After living in different cities for 10 years, and attending Yale University for an M.Arch, she returned to her hometown of Boston in late 2009 with the desire to make the city more fun and design-oriented. She has been the Exhibits Manager at SHIFTboston since December of 2009 and is working for Shepley Bulfinch on a 350,000 square foot hospital in Illinois. She lives in Cambridgeport.


Mon, Sep 20, 2010

6:00 pm-7:30 pm

20 West Village F

Northeastern University
40A Leon St
Boston, MA 2115