Berlin Program

Learn about the School of Architecture’s Berlin Pro­gram, in which stu­dents find them­selves amid a city of urban and archi­tec­tural trans­for­ma­tion. Learn More→

Dublin Program

Learn about the School of Architecture’s Dublin Pro­gram for Urban Landscape students. Learn More→

Segovia Program

Learn about the School of Architecture’s Segovia Pro­gram for Architecture and Architectural Studies Majors. Learn More→

China Dialogue

Learn about the Dialogue of Civilizations in China where students will study Chinese art and architecture first hand while exploring a variety of cultural and ethnic regions in China. Learn More→

Barcelona Dialogue

Learn more about the Dialogue of Civilizations in Barcelona, which focuses on Barcelona’s art, design and creativity, its transformative creative economy and its role in the European, Mediterranean and Spanish contexts. Learn More→

Italy Dialogue

Learn more about the Dialogue of Civilization in Italy with a focus on architecture and urbanism. Learn More→

Global Experiences

School of Architecture students have visited, worked, and studied in many different areas of the world. For more information on the vast range of global opportunities that students have taken advantage of, visit our Global Experiences page. Learn more→

Student Research

Northeastern Architecture students have received funding from the university and outside sources as they further their academic careers. To see some of the recent projects and award winners visit our Research Beyond the Classroom page. Learn more→