Undergraduate Research Awards

The Office of the Provost sponsors a number of undergraduate research projects during the current academic year. Awards up to a maximum of $1,000 are provided to support student research such as purchase of supplies, software, reference books, or travel to research sites and to present work at professional meetings.

2012 Grant Recipient: Chelsea Brown, (B.S. ARCH 2013)

2014 Grant Recipients: A Htet Htet Aung (BS ARCH 2015) and Mario Acccordino (BLA 2015)

Scholar’s Independent Research Fellowship (SIRFs)

2015: Mariya Lupandina (BS ARCH 2018): Public Spaces of Brazil

Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis

2015 Recipient: Amelia Eisen: Research on the public bath in Mayan, Finnish, and Roman cultures


R.I.S.E. Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo


Humanities and Arts
Graduate: Cyrus Dahmubed (M.ARCH 2018): Rising with the Tides: Saving Boston from Sea Level Rise with a New Eco-District


Sarah Solomon (BS ARCH 2016)
Housing the Boston Homeless

Humanities and Arts
Undergraduate: Sarah Solomon (BS ARCH 2016): Housing the Boston Homeless
Graduate: Joseph di Bella (M.ARCH 2016): Re-thinking Structure


David Potter + Zoe Cloonan (M.ARCH 2015): De Novo Urbanism

Humanities and Arts
Undergraduate: Mario Accordino (BLA 2015): Everett | Intraface
Graduate: David Potter + Zoe Cloonan (M.ARCH 2015): De Novo Urbanism


Chris Marciano (M.Arch 2014)
The Millennial Village

Engineering and Technology
Undergraduate: David Potter + Sara Al Otaibi (BS ARCH 2014)

Humanities and Arts
Graduate: Chris Marciano (M.Arch 2014)


Benjamin Greer (B.S. ARCH 2014)
A Post Industrial Somerville: Urban Development with an Ecological Infrastructure

Humanities and Arts
Jessica Wilcock – Graduate (M.ARCH 2014)
Benjamin Greer – Undergraduate (B.S. ARCH 2014)

Computer and Information Sciences
Katherine Schneider – Undergraduate (B.S. ARCH 2014)