FALL 2020 Studio Protcols

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Ruggles Studio as the creative and cultural heart of the School of Architecture, we all want safe and equitable access to this shared space. We all commit to respect policies and people.

This document explains specific polices for using the Ruggles Studio in the Fall 2020 semester to be consistent with Northeastern University Policies for safe reopening

This is a dynamic situation, and these policies will evolve, and may change at time. In all events, University Regulations, as well as government guidance and regulation supersede these policies.

Health and Safety

Studio is part of campus, so the campus rules obviously apply.

Basic Safety

  • Get tested and do the daily wellness check
  • Wear a mask. Always.
  • Maintain Distance
    • Work only at designated hot desks
    • Do not gather at desks, in circulation or critique spaces
    • Do not exceed stated capacities (e.g. craft area, laser room, model shop)
    • You may pass through studio (e.g. to retrieve a forgotten item) but you may not linger unless you are working at a designated hot desk
  • No food or drink in studio


  • Work only during open hours (6:00 am to 11:00 pm daily)
  • Keep the floor and desk surfaces clear to allow overnight cleaning
    • Items left on desks or the floor will be thrown away
  • Wipe down your desk and chair before and after you use it
  • As much as possible, carry-in and carry-out materials, tools, and models

Equitable Use

Basically, don’t be a jerk.



  • Some desks are available First Come, First Served at certain times.
    • You may claim any available hot desk by checking in with the QR code
    • If no FCFS desks are available, you cannot remain in studio
    • You must vacate a hot desk if a person arrives with a reservation for it.
  • Reservations. Some desks are available by reservation at certain times:
    • Reservations are available on a rolling basis through THIS LINK.
    • Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance
    • Maximum reservation is 3 hours
    • Minimum reservation is 1 hour
    • Maximum 7 reservations per student per week
    • Make another reservation, or else leave promptly
  • Check Into a desk (using the QR code), whether by reservation or a First-come, first-served)
  • Cancel a reservation if you will not use it. Modify your reservation if you will be late.


Attending Class

  • You may reserve a desk to attend classes that are scheduled in Ruggles (e.g. Most Studios, ARCH 1000).
  • Do not reserve desks during studio times unless you are attending studio class at that time.
  • The Rupnik, Carr, and Fannon Sections of ARCH 7130 have assigned classrooms, use those please
  • You may attend non-studio classes from FCFS desks, if available
  • Wear headphones.


  • Two of students may share the storage of one non-hot desk.
    • Sheet goods in the under-desk tray (not on the desktop)
    • Models on the foot shelf (not the floor)
    • Tools, materials, models in the cubby (locks are allowed)
    • Pinup on the vertical surface (may be damaged in cleaning)
  • Do not work, sit at, or otherwise occupy a desk, even if you are using it for storage
  • Write your name and email on the sticker to claim a desk for storage
  • Larger models may be placed on wire shelves for up to one week. They must be labeled with your name and email, and the dates they were put there and will be removed.